The indictment against 15 former members of the KLA, known as the “Drenica Group”, accused of crimes against civilians in 1998-99. year Kosmetuu, covered the murder of Serbian police commander in Gllogoc, writes today newspaper “Tribuna”.

The indictment, which was built by an international prosecutor of EULEX Mauricio Salustro, Sabit Geci and Sahit Jashari was accused of being physically abused and murdered Ivana Bulatovic 1998 and that Geci, according to the testimony of a protected witness “C” chainsaw beheaded a policeman.

Witness “C”, as he writes, “Tribuna” said that in June 1998, while Daphne went over to Skenderaj, video Jashari, who with other members of the KLA led Bulatovic on the market the village of Daphne.

Witnesses describe Bulatovic was in a semi-conscious state due to bullying. “C” he says in his testimony that he approached Geci and said: “Look at what we do to traitors.”

Then witness describes how he sat next Geci Bulatovic, who was a comrade brought a chainsaw, which is Geci decapitated Serbian policeman. Witness “C” he said, as quoted list that Geci chainsaw scarred shoulders and legs Bulatovic and threatened the witness with the words “This is supposed to you that we do now march home.”

Thus, as stated witness “C”, characterized him as a close with Bulatovic.

EULEX prosecutors in early November indicted the “Drenica Group” for committing a war crime against civilians, including torture, mistreatment of prisoners and murder committed in 1998 in pritvornoj KLA unit in Daphne, according to EULEX.

Among the defendants are members of the Democratic Party of Kosovo, Hashim Thaci Sami Lushtaku, currently the mayor of Skenderaj and former KLA commander Sulejman Selimi, current Shiptar ambassador in Albania, as well as by Thaci’s bodyguard.

Nine of the suspects is in custody and six were still at large with the ban on leaving Comet, said the spokesman of the EULEX mission.


UNMIK report that this mission 2003rd year surrendered to the tribunal in The Hague include testimony about the killings, abductions, and removing the organs of kidnapped Serbs from Kosovo. One of the witnesses, whose states are in the document, talking about how the first carrying Serbs in place of Kukes, northern Albania, that would then be ordered to carry the bodies. The chilling confession says July 23, 1999., When, as described, the truck went into place, 1.5 kilometers from Suva Reka, where he was met by a group of leading KLA Ismet Terom.

– This time, I saw bodies wrapped in gray military blankets. I smelled blood and knew it was fresh. They were of both sexes, but mostly men. They loaded the bodies onto a truck. When the truck is loaded, the nasty man from KLA cab truck threw me:

“Look at them. My brother ended up in a blink. Spilled the kaporit powder that we used for disinfecting and anti-odor. I think it was people from the vicinity of Suva Reka and Orahovac Gnjilane” – according to the testimony.

Describes how the route which has previously reached Kukes drove around 12:30, but this time he was told to turn south.

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While we await the conclusions of the investigation of the U.S. prosecutor Clint Williamson, who heads a special task force to investigate the European Union in relation to the trade in human organs in Kosovo, who is widely speculated that the indictments could not be found. The two documents are the main source of these media assumptions. The first is a report by Swiss senator Dick Marty on the basis of which three years ago by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, with 169 votes “for”, adopted a resolution on the inhuman treatment of people and illicit trafficking in human organs in Kosovo.

KLA leaders earn up to $ 45,000 of the removed organs per Serbian person

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The Scotsman June 1994.

Vehida Dedic. Bratunac, Republika Srpska.
16 April 1994 .

This is the story of a girl who was raped in the midst of a civil war, not by her enemies, but by men who claimed to protect her.

The brutality and horror of the conflict in Bosnia and Herzegovina has been measured over the last two bloodstained years, less by death and wounds, but by rape. Almost from the first fighting, rape – actual, threatened and rumoured – became a tool of terror and control. Now, in the chaos and lawlessness of the Muslim enclaves in southern Bosnia , a new pattern of the same crime is emerging.

Only a few survivors have yet been able to testify to these latest events. One of them is Vehida Dedic. Raped and beaten by a gang of men led by the Bosnian Muslim commander of Srebrenica, Naser Oric, she was left with no-one to turn to in her own town. For her, crossing the lines into the hands of an army which was shelling the people around her, was the only means of escape.

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by David Yeagley

In an endless stream of national denigrations, the Democrat administration has now invited Kosovo’s Albanian Muslim mobster Hashim Thaçi to the White House. Vice-President Joe Biden has met with thug Thaçi before (2010). This is a continuation of America’s greatest crime of the 20th Century: the international theft of Kosovo from Serbia, and the creation of a new, East European Muslim state and haven for every species of international crime known to man. Bill Clinton started it, George Bush celebrated it, and the alien black African Communist Muslim traitor in the White House continues it.

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The U.S. military base in Kosovo was constructed in 1999 without consulting with the government of Serbia and is the largest U.S. military base built outside of the U.S. since the Vietnam War. The site was apparently used for extraordinary renditions and has been referred to as a “little Guantanamo”.

This is a very little known fact as NATO, the U.S., the European Union and the West are in the process of forcing Serbia to effectively give up Kosovo, and indicates the real motive for the West’s support of the Kosovo Liberation Army which it had deemed a terrorist organization in the past.

Rick Rozoff, the owner and manager of Stop NATO spoke about this and more in an interview with the Voice of Russia.

Hello! This is John Robles, I’m speaking with Rick Rozoff, the owner of the stop NATO website and international mailing list.

Robles: Hello Rick. How are you?

Rozoff: Very good John. Thanks for having me on.

Robles: It’s a pleasure to be speaking with you. How much importance would you give to the 200 US-NATO troops being stationed in Italy? And why US-NATO troops? These troops are being stationed for possible operations in Libya. How do you think that reflects on the operations to remove Muammar Gaddafi by the US?

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